Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Day 14: பாலியல், சாதிய வன்முறை - இறுகிய பிணைப்பு (கருத்துரையாடல்)

We have long wanted to organise programmes around the caste-gender violence connection but each time, our programme has run into problems and shifted shape. This year, we struck gold. We reached all the speakers we wanted, we were able to give them ample time and we were rewarded with a conversation so rich, it is impossible to summarise and must just be experienced. 

Our brilliant speakers were: 

  • Shalin Maria Lawrence, Writer and activist
  • Priyadharshini, Founder, The Blue Club
  • Priya, People's Watch
  • Sukirtha Rani, Poet and writer
  • Kavin Malar, Journalist
  • Vincent Kathir, Director, Evidence

Narmadha, Activist, facilitated the discussion.
We will be placing the video in its entirety on YouTube, as well as individual presentation clips. But in the interim, we urge you to watch the video as we live-streamed it on Facebook

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