Tuesday, December 29, 2020


The year is almost done. The 2020 Campaign ended two weeks ago, and I have postponed writing this blogpost for exactly that time. 

When we closed in 2018, it was with a clear sense that we would not be back. It was getting too hard. But then, after more than a century of campaigning by women around the world, violence remains a reality in all our lives. And with the pandemic bringing on a very predictable spike in the incidence of sexual and gender-based violence of all types, there was no way we could sit this one out or pretend we had gone out of the conversation-starting business.

So we returned to organise a solid, all-digital campaign focused on hard conversations and resource creation. With slim pickings after people had given so generously to pandemic/ lockdown relief, and no Campaign Associate even after two rounds of searches, we decided to do this by ourselves, as simply as we could, sharing the work. 

So, the Prajnya Core Team pulled together--Nandhini, Shakthi, Sudaroli and Swarna--with help from Pozhil. We drew in our friends--notably, Ramki, Srilata and Hemant--and drew on their resources. And somehow, we have pulled off one of our most solid campaigns. (Yes, I know I say that every time, but we really seem to get better at this!)

I want to thank everyone on the team, and I want to thank our dear friends--those who helped organise and those who participated, for working with us. New friends and partners, we will continue to build on our campaign work with you. 

It is now fairly clear we are unlikely to disappear, so this year, I will close more simply with: see you during the next Campaign season. Thank you and take care! 

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