Saturday, December 31, 2022

Pause. Stop. Go.

 As each campaign ends, a dozen times now, a sense of relief takes us over. Exhausted bodies fall ill, desperate to catch a break. Brains wrung dry, oscillate frantically between an optimistic post-mortem (what went well, what didn't, what to repeat, never again) and a horrified areyoumadtotrythisagain. Our faces need rest from all the smiling. Our hearts though, are always full. 

Full with the warmth of partners turned friends. Full with the satisfaction of having given something worthwhile everything we had. Full of a sense of agency--I can change this world, and when we are together we can do anything!

And still there is a flatness. After many dizzy-busy days, only accounts are left. And a report. Whether digital or in-person, the 17th and 18th day of the 16 Days Campaign are just flat.

With this year, we have completed four campaign cycles, the fourth of which was almost entirely in pandemic mode. The future has never seemed more uncertain--the world's and ours. 

It has been an intense campaign, full of very heavy, serious programmes--like this issue, like the state of this world. Our one attempt at lightness and brightness, the last art activity with children, was washed out. We leave this cycle, heavy-hearted, weighed down by the enormity of the work that never seems to get done on this journey to end gender-based violence and also determined to keep walking--dragging, if need be--towards this goal. One day at a time. 

The Prajnya Team leaves you with this promise.

Sudaroli, Shakthi, Nandhini, Meghna, Santha, Amirtha and Swarna

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