Thursday, December 10, 2020

Day 16: Four Good Words: Verse by Women

On Human Rights Day, the last day of the 2020 Prajnya 16 Days Campaign Against Gender Violence, we pay homage to the core values of the Indian Constitution with poetry. Nineteen poets, all women, have contributed videos to this day-long observance, reading poems that celebrate directly or implicitly, these FOUR GOOD WORDS: justice, equality, liberty and fraternity. 

Before anything else, we must thank Srilata Krishnan, who agreed with alacrity and then invested wholeheartedly in the process of identifying, inviting and following up with poets. She was completely present during the entire process, from ideation to uploading the videos and planning the communication strategy. Srilata has been a part of every Prajnya campaign since the very first one, and we do not plan anything-poetry without her. She really is a part of Prajnya! 

Enjoy the videos: 

  1. Anannya Das Gupta   
  2. Anju Makhija   
  3. K. Bala      
  4. Gayatri Majumdar   
  5. Menka Shivdasani   
  6. Nandini Sahu   
  7. Kutti Revathi   
  8. Rizio Yohannan   
  9. Sampurna Chattarjee   
  10. Sarita Jenamani   
  11. Shobhana Kumar   
  12. K Srilata   
  13. Sukrita Paul Kumar   
  14. Swarna Rajagopalan   
  15. Tishani Doshi   
  16. Vasanthi Swetha    
  17. Vatsala   
  18. Vinita Agrawal   
  19. Sivakami Velliangiri   

Here is a link to the Four Good Words playlist on YouTube.

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